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Experimental Music

Experimental poetry/dream-haze band
Graham Beverly + Andrew Burrows + Sherry Huang
August 2014 – May 2015
“Stay Together” EP

Recorded at the Artel, in Kingston, by Matt Rogalsky [Memory Device].


released May 26, 2014

Andrew Burrows (vocals and drums)
Graham Beverley (guitar)
Sherry Huang (vocals and drums)

“Artel Sessions Volume 1”

From Bandcamp: “The Artel was, for a time, a thriving music and art collective at 205 Sydenham St in Kingston Ontario. This album is comprised of tracks recorded mostly live in sessions April 9-10 2014, and at recent concerts. 90 minutes of music almost, so it's really more like a double album, moving between shorter songs and longer-form pieces. All artists currently based in Kingston, except Ought, from Montréal - just one of the many touring bands The Artel presented over the years. Will there be a Vol. II? There are a lot of archival recordings so it's possible! 

Download includes PDF with band details and images from the sessions.

The compilation is free/PWYC. Any contributions will go towards documenting more local music.

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A Cat Named Wolf  acatnamedwolf.bandcamp.comcreditsreleased June 21, 2014

All songs copyright the artists. Thanks to everyone for permission to include them on this compilation. Artwork from details of graphics by Cecily Taylor.

Recorded/mixed/mastered by Matt Rogalsky/Memory Device:

Released in conjunction with the 2014 Skeleton Park Arts Festival.”