vinyl-cut poem on transparent inkjet film, two-channel projection of 35 mm photos, ambient guitar drone (6 minutes / looped forever).

The text in IF YOU ARE/CERTAIN OUTLINES belongs to a larger collection of anti-narrative love poems currently being written, called ALL THE TIME. ALL THE TIME explicitly triangulates the relationship between love, queerness, and time by presenting traces of love over long distances, long terms, and of longing that persists despite separation.The seamless looping of sound and image in IF YOU ARE/CERTAIN OUTLINES evade compositional linearity, recreating queerness’s anachronism in three-dimensional space.

YOKE is a multi-disciplinary show gathering recent works by fourfirst-year MFA students at UBC-Okanagan: Michaela Bridge-Mohan, Natasha Harvey, Xiaoxuan / Sherry Huang, and Scott Moore.

Art is a practice of yoking as much as it is the very material by which things come together and continues to hold us together.Gathering under the exhibit’s name, these works collectivelycontemplate the apparatuses and affects that bring us together, anidea made fraught by the pandemic. How should we be when we’re together? And how can art help us imagine ways to continuebeing together that are sustainable, caring, forgiving, loving – to ourselves and to each other?

Read more about the group show on the FCCS Art Blog here

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