Exertions is poems glow-painted onto glass in a Camera Obscura. Its images are light, and its poems are images. Both images fluctuate with the light coming through the pinhole. It offers an interior that one might find more affordable than other interiors to stay through.

The idea of poem-as-room was borne as an attempt to comfort the overwhelming desires/frustrations of intimacy and proximity that arise at the point of person-to-text (and by extension, person-to-person) engagement.

At its core this installation wishes to treat the room as analogous to body. One of the things this project wonders is that if poetry can be unbound from the exigencies of pure text, that is to say, if poetry is free to seek embodiment, then maybe our body can just as easily be its body. And maybe we too can just as easily vacate our bodies to incorporate back into language – into the emptiness of the written subject position, “you.”

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