Xiao Xuan / Sherry Huang is a poet who plays in the mediums of music, photography, and print. She typically prefers analogue, ephemeral, and experimental ways of producing tangible art objects such as: tapes, broadsides, and zines, often in collaboration with indie cultural producers.

Her recent full-length publication, Love Speech, (Metatron Press 2019,) is an intersection between poetry and epistolary auto-theory.

Her work is interested in exploring love, (peri-) performativity, intimate traces, and the queer gleam of language that asks for multiple readings and reading into.

She is an M.F.A. candidate in Poetry at the department of Cultural and Critical studies, University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus.) She is an immigrant-settler to Canada, and is alternately based out of Shanghai and Kelowna. 


Xiao Xuan / Sherry Huang 是一位以音乐、摄影和印刷为创作媒介的诗人。她通常喜欢用模拟的、短暂的、实验性的方法来制作有形的艺术品。她最近的长篇出版物《爱的演讲》(梅塔特隆出版社2019年)是创新地结合了诗歌和书信体写作,同时她也正在发行的限量版包括磁带、侧边和杂志,并进一步尝试将诗歌与表演艺术的多元融合。