Xiao Xuan / Sherry Huang is a poet who plays in the mediums of music, photography, and print. As a poet with an interdisciplinary practice, she conceptualizes poetry as both a happening (an event with a time and a place,) and an art object. She seeks to create poems that are ultimately immersive, embodied, and experiential works of art in their own right. 

Her recent full-length publication, Love Speech, (Metatron Press 2019,) is an intersection between poetry and epistolary auto-theory.

Across her body of work, she is interested in love, (peri-) performativity, queer diachronic time, epistolary address, and écriture féminine. She is currently working on a collection of lyric love poems. 

She is an M.F.A. candidate in the Faculty of Creative and Critical studies, University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus.) She is an immigrant-settler to Canada, and is alternately based out of Shanghai and Kelowna. 


Xiao Xuan / Sherry Huang 是一位以音乐、摄影和印刷为创作媒介的诗人。她通常喜欢用模拟的、短暂的、实验性的方法来制作有形的艺术品。她最近的长篇出版物《爱的演讲》(梅塔特隆出版社2019年)是创新地结合了诗歌和书信体写作,同时她也正在发行的限量版包括磁带、侧边和杂志,并进一步尝试将诗歌与表演艺术的多元融合。